Work Package 1: Measuring and Profiling Internationalization


DEV       1.1          Scoping and Need Analysis

DEV       1.2          Internationaliastion Policy Statements

DEV       1.3          SWOT Analysis of IPS

DEV       1.4          Mapping Indicators

DEV       1.5          Profiling Survey

DEV       1.6          Evaluating and Profiling

DEV       1.7          Internationalisation Road Map 


Work Package 2: Harmonization of University Hierarchy towards Internationalization 


DEV       2.1          Diagnosis of Current Status

DEV       2.2          Commitment of Top Management

DEV       2.3          Matching Exercise

DEV       2.4          Internationalisation Management Model

DEV       2.5          Tuning Internationalisation Goals to Practices


Work Package 3: Supporting Structures  for Internationalisation


DEV       3.1          Modernising/Updating International Offices

DEV       3.2          Project Management Offices

DEV       3.3          Students’ Centres

DEV       3.4          Enhancing Virtual Internationalisation 



Work Package 4: Human Resources and Capacity Building 


DEV       4.1          International Projects Management

DEV       4.2          First Multiplier Effect

DEV       4.3          Students Soft Skills and Mobility Exchanges

DEV       4.4          Second Multiplier Effect

DEV       4.5          e-Tools Skills Development 


Work Package 5: Arab Network for Internationalization in HE


DEV       5.1          Selecting ANI Experts

DEV       5.2          Preparation of Training Materials

DEV       5.3          Training ANI Experts

DEV       5.4          ANI Set-Up


Work Package 6: QA Tools in Management of Internationalization


QPLN    6.1          Self-Assessment Study

QPLN    6.2          External Assessment

QPLN    6.3          Training Sessions on QA

QPLN    6.4          QA Booklet


Work Package 7: Dissemination and Sustainability 


DISS       7.1          Dissemination Plan and Promotion Material

DISS       7.2          Project Website

DISS       7.3          Dissemination at the Institutional Level

DISS       7.4          Dissemination and Promotion Networking Event

DISS       7.5          Final Dissemination Conference 


Work Package 8: Monitoring and Impact Evaluation 


QPLN    8.1          Quality Committee

QPLN    8.2          Quality Evaluation of the Project

QPLN    8.3          Monitoring and Evaluation Plan

QPLN    8.4          Quality and Evaluation Reports


Work Package 9: Management


MNGT  9.1          Kick-off Meeting

MNGT  9.2          Project Management Team

MNGT  9.3          Financial and Administrative Management

MNGT  9.4          Production of Intermediate and Final Reports


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