MIMI Project Final Conference in Amman, Jordan

The MIMI Project Final Conference was held on 11 October 2016 at the Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT), in Amman, Jordan.

This last gathering was the opportunity to see the concrete impact the MIMI Project had on the partner universities in Morocco, Lebanon, and Jordan, as well as give the European partners the chance to share their learning experience from this 3-year TEMPUS Project. A state of the art of the level of achievement from each partner institution was provided by CHE-Consult through a Skype conference call by Uwe Brandenburg.


This event not only showed the important amount of wrok undertaken by all the consotrium members but also the unexpected outcome such as signaure of agreement among the university of the consortium and a stronger integration between Moroccan, Lebanese, and Jordanian HEIs. The support of the Association of Arab Universities was also emphaiszed and their crucial role in making the Arab Network for Internationalisation a success clearly stated and reitared by its representatives.

Presentations & Resources

MIMI_AGENDA_Final Conference in Amman
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The Arab Network for Internationalisation in HE (ANI)
AArU_MIMI Final Conference_Mohammad Rafa[...]
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MIMI: Implementation status of the roadmaps to internationalisation
CHE Consult_MIMI_Implementation status o[...]
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MoEHE_MIMI Final Conference_Ahmad Ghandour
LB MoEHE_MIMI Final Conference_Amman_Ahm[...]
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LU_MIMI Final Conference_Marlène Cordahi
LU_MIMI Final Conference_Marlène Cordahi[...]
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MA MoHE_Internationalisation de l'ES au Maroc_Ghizlane El Kaichouch
MA MoHE_Internationalisation de l'ES au [...]
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MUBS_MIMI Final Conference_Bassem El Kaissi
MUBS_MIMI Final Conference_Bassem El Kai[...]
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UAE_MIMI_Final Conference_Kamel Targuisti
UAE_MIMI_Final Conference_Kamel Targuist[...]
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YU_MIMI_Final Conference_Mwaffaq Otoom
YU_MIMI_Final Conference_Mwaffaq Otoom.p[...]
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MIMI project is co-financed by TEMPUS