7.3 Dissemination at the institutional level / Yarmouk University, Jordan

Representatives from the University of Barcelona took advantage of their travel to Jordan in the framework of the meeting on the  (Dev. 4.1) held at PSUT on 30 September-01 October 2015, to attend a dissemination meeting at Yarmouk University. The project’s first outcomes and objectives were presented and meeting with the Vice-President and project officers within the university were held. This gave a good opportunity for the YU team to discuss with the UB project manager on how best implementing the Internationalisation Management Model and enhance the internationalisation of their institution. It was clearly stated that the MIMI project contributed to the re-organisation Yarmouk University will undertake for its International Relations Office and the involvement of all staff in making internationalisation a priority. Financial management and remaining activities were also discussed following the gathering.

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