ANI Training, Amsterdam, 20-22 July 2016

A 2 day and ½ training was held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, by experts from the European Association for International Education (EAIE).


The objective of this gathering was to train professionals working both at the institutional or the ministerial levels from Jordan, Lebanon and Morocco in order to give them the tools to become experts and references in the field of international higher education in their countries and region. Sessions were extremely interactive and participants were asked to work in small groups on a variety of topics and had to present the result of their work and brainstorming.


The two EAIE experts gave large floor for questions, exchange of ideas and views, and very smoothly led the training. These extremely fruitful working days gave all the participants a deep and detailed insight on how to set up a network at the national and regional level on international higher education and the importance of sustaining it. The Secretary General of the Association of Arab Universities, Dr. Sultan Abu Orabi, ensured the commitment of the AArU in supporting the development of such network and in advertising about its existence through its conferences and general assembly in the region and other part of the world.



Documents and presentations

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